I over-dye many of my styles using either a tie-dye or else a Shibori technique, using natural indigo. Tie-dying is the well-known technique, as familiar to those who recall photos from the summer of love in the 60’s, where the cloth is gathered into circular patterns using twine, before immersion in a bath of activated indigo. Shibori is a similar but more intricate technique, as used by Japanese fabric artists, where a pattern is imprinted using some kind of obstruction – pegs and wire clasps are typical examples – placed before the indigo immersion.

By their nature these shirts are all unique, and I am unable to provide a detailed catalogue of my current stock on the web site. If you browse through the web site you will see some examples of what might be achieved. If you would like to purchase I would suggest you visit one of my markets to see what is available (contact me to find out where I will be next). If this is not possible I can provide individuals photos of the current selection via email to aid in choosing. The sizing of these shirts matches the “1-2-X” codes of the plain shirts. If you choose to purchase online and then are not satisfied with the received item I can accept a return, but there will be a re-stocking fee.

In either case the shirts are washed and rinsed thoroughly after dying to ensure none of the blue dye remains free. Nevertheless I would advise these shirts to be washed separately for at least the first couple of washes, and never in the same load as whites.